Are you looking for some great low spec pc games?

Tell me, does this sound like you?

  • You want to do some gaming, but your PC is outdated, old and just plain sh*t
  • Instead of a GTX980, you’re stuck with an integrated Intel graphics card, not meant for gaming
  • You just want to get in some gaming as a break while working on your low-end office pc

I know how you feel. I’ve been pushing my intel 3000 graphics card to its limits. Using this experience, I figured out there were quite a lot of games I could still play. I decided to share my experiments on this website!

Check out my personal top 6 low spec games

I made a video where I review my all-time top 6 low spec games, check it out!


Great low spec pc games

Here you will find some GREAT low spec pc games. Some of them will even run on a toaster. So if you’re really unlucky and still have your sturdy windows 97 with 256MB of RAM, click on the “Toaster of approval”-stamp below to see which games will suit you best!

low spec pc games

If you’re a bit better off, be sure to browse through the other categories as well. I’ve accumulated low spec pc games from every genre imaginable, so everybody can find something they like. If you can’t wait to get to the best of the best, here’s my opinion on the top 10 low spec pc games of 2013. The list will be updated to 2014 and 2015 soon, I’m working on it as you’re reading this!

Not only do we have games that need to be downloaded or bought, there’s also a number of interesting browser games. We’ve gone through hundreds of browser games – no installation required – and found the spamfree/virusfree/actually playable cream of the crop!

Be sure to also check out some free performance boosting tips, they will help you push your old-timer pc to its limits.

I’ve also made a couple of low spec let’s plays if you want to check them out!

So sit back, find something you like, and start gaming!