Faster Than Light


Faster than light is the highly anticipated game from Subset Games, which consists out of 2 guys. When they started this project on kickstarter, they got 2000% more than what they asked for, not to shabby I’d say. So, what is FTL? The Wikipedia definition says that it’s a roguelike space ship simulator game. Rather than firing a gun, it’s all about managing your crew, upgrading your ship, checking for damage, and so on.

How does it run?

When you look at the screenshot, you can probably tell that this thing will run on basically anything, as long as it’s not a toaster. But don’t let the basic graphics art scare you, because the gameplay is as addictive as it gets.

System requirements
OS: Windows XPRAM: 1 GB
CPU: 2 GhzGraphics Card: graphics card with 128 MB of RAM

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