Best Low Spec PC Games Of 2013

best low spec pc games

2013 has been a great year for pc gaming, whether you are rocking a full-option Origin pc, or inherited your great grandfather’s windows 97 Packard Bell with the old-school big*ss monitor (that’s not big as in “screen size”, but as in “20 pounds”). If you’re part of the latter, NO WORRIES! I’ve ranked the best low spec pc games that have come out this year, which can be played on any gaming rig. So without further ado, let’s kick off the list..

10. Thomas was Alone


A perfect blend of narration, sound, art, a bit of humour, and comradery between simple blocks, would be the best way to describe Thomas was Alone. This intelligent indie puzzle platformer requires you to move Thomas and his friends to the end of the level, overcoming all sorts of clever obstacles. I never knew I could have so much feelings for a square and a rectangle.

Snappy gameplay and a great overall atmosphere puts this game at number 10. Download it here from Steam!

9. Kentucky Route Zero

Kentucky route zero

A mesmerizing adventure point-and-click experience like you’ve never had before. You take on a journey on a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky where you play as Conway, a delivery van driver. Rather than gameplay and action, Kentucky Route Zero focuses on storytelling, atmosphere and characterization. The incredible art style and beautiful camera shots will suck you right in.

Dim the lights, take a hot cup of tea, and enjoy this unique little game. Download it now from Steam. Small disclaimer: only 3 out of 6 acts are available as of yet, but the other ones are in the making.

8. Volgarr the Viking

Volgarr the Viking follows the recent 16 bit graphical trend, and implements it perfectly. The entire game is meant as a piece of nostalgia for the “older” gamers amongst us, bringing us back to the days when games were simple and hard as f*ck. Volgarr can jump, run, duck, stab and throw a spear, that’s it. But mastering these simple commands are essential if you want to beat this game (something I haven’t managed after playing for 5 hours). Checkpoints are scarce, and aren’t saved after closing, so get ready to replay that first level A LOT. But I can tell, it sure feels very satisfying to breeze through the early levels once you have mastered them.

Volgarr the Viking is great when you have some time to kill and I’d suggest just about anyone to pick it up. Download the game here!

7. Monaco: what’s Yours is Mine

monaco what's yours is mine

The title says it all, Monaco: what’s yours is mine is all about pulling of the perfect heist. You can do this alone, or with 3 (!) of your buddies (or strangers, if you lack friends). Choose from 8 different thief classes, like a pickpocket, hacker or redhead, and try and get as much gold as you can without getting caught by lasers, helicopters, guards and much more.

Extremely well-polished, a story filled with drama and plot-twists, adrenaline pumping scores, Monaco: what’s mine is yours, has something for everyone. Download it here from Steam.

6. Papers Please


Papers please lands on the number 6 spot of the best low spec pc games list! It puts you in the shoes of a guy making a living as an immigration inspector in Grestin, a country that recently was still at war. You must control the flow of people entering your country, and catch the terrorists, smugglers and spies. You have to base this decision on the documents people give you, read them quickly and hit the “approve” or “disapprove” stamp, cause there’s a BIG queue, always!

Papers please is the blueprint of how a creative idea should be perfectly implemented into a game. It’s simple, absorbing, and makes you reflect about your instincts and reactions. Download it here from Steam!

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