5 Cheap Graphics Cards

Prices of good video cards can surpass $300.00 easily nowadays, that’s why I made a nice short list with some cheap graphics cards that will give you the best BANG for your buck. They have all been tested and are guaranteed to be the best price/quality you’ll be able to find. If you’re not sure what kind of an upgrade you are looking for, I suggest you check out your current benchmark score, and compare it with the one you might want. That way, you can see just how much of an improvement you are going to get. So, now that you are all set, get ready for 5 great cheap graphics cards, ranked from the least pricey to the more expensive ones.

1. GeForce GT 640

  • score: 1285
  • price: $69.99

Check out some BF3 gameplay with this bad boy on high settings:

Buy GeForce GT 640 here from Amazon

2. Radeon HD 7770

  • score: 2154
  • price: $109.00

Far Cry 3 gameplay on high settings:

Buy Radeon HD 7770 here from Amazon

3. Radeon HD 7790

  • score: 3005
  • price: $150.00

Plenty of gameplay benchmarks for this card:

Buy Radeon HD 7790 here from Amazon

4. Radeon HD 7850

  • score: 4246
  • price: $159.99

Some BF4 gameplay with this sweet baby Jezus card

Buy Radeon HD 7850 here from Amazon

5. GeForce GTX 760

  • score: 5026
  • price: $236.66

And yet some more BF4 gameplay on ULTRA

Buy GeForce GTX 760 here from Amazon


In my opinion, these cards are the best bang for your buck you can get.. So it all comes down to you; how much are you willing to spend? And what kind of gaming performance do you want from your card? Answer these questions and make your pick out of these 5 great cheap graphics cards!