Dominion Online


The virtual version of the popular Dominion card game. And it’s FREE!

Dominion started out as a physical card game, and now has a lot of unofficial web game spin-offs. The one I show you here seems to be the most popular one. Keep in mind, Dominion allows these unofficial games to exist, until they publish their own. So by the time you read this, it might be gone. Don’t let that curb your enthusiasm, because then there should be a better and more polished version available.

Dominion online is today (01/05/2014) in open beta, meaning you can play it for free while it’s still under development. They earn their money from selling expansions (the complete pack costs $45, which is 150$ cheaper than it’s real life counterpart).

Explaining Dominion in-depth is a little bit to complicated, so here goes the summary: it’s a deck building card game (without the pricey booster packs) and to win, you need to have the most victory points. Doesn’t really makes that much sense, but all you need to know is that it’s a great game, and if you’re into any sort of card games, you should give this one a whirl (it is free after all).

Also, kill the music when the game starts, you’ll thank me for it.

Untitled-3How does it run?

Simple animations, no fast moving objects, and a lot of static screens, make Dominion Online very friendly for your PC. The official specs aren’t available, but I’m sure anyone will be able to run this one. This one gets the toaster award, until someone comes along and gives me proof that they can’t run it!


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