Games List

This list is still being updated! If you have any suggestions for other low spec games, be sure to mention them in the comment section.

NameGenreMin SpecFreeScore
8bitMMOMMOlow specYes6
Faster Than LightStrategylow specNo8
Adventure Quest WorldsMMORPGtoasterYes7
Age of Empires 2SimulationToasterNo9
Analogue: A Hate StoryRPGlow specNo6
Kentucky Route ZeroAdventurelow specNo9
Papers PleaseAdventuremodern low specNo8
Thomas was alonePlatforminglow specNo8
Volgarr The VikingActionmodern low spec8
Bit.Trip SeriesActionlow specNo9
Blocks That MatterAdventurelow specNo7
Blood and jadeMMORPGmodern low specYes6
BraidStrategylow specNo9
ChanteliseRPGlow specNo6
Cherry Tree High Comedy ClubAdventuretoasterNo7
Counter Strike: SourceFPSlow specNo8
Cthulhu Saves the WorldRPGlow specNo7
Dominion OnlineStrategytoasterYes7
Dungeon SiegeRPGtoasterNo8
Dungeons of DredmorRPGmodern low specNo7
EdgeActionlow specNo7
FateRPGlow specNo8
Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental StoneRPGlow specNo6
gothic 1 & 2RPGlow specNo8
GTA: San Andreasactionmodern low specNo9
Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate BoyRpglow specNo7
Icewind daleRPGtoasterNo8
Insanely Twisted Shadow PlanetAdventurelow specNo7
Kingdom CrushStrategymodern low specNo9
La-MulanaAdventurelow specNo8
Little InfernoAdventurelow specNo6
Lone SurvivorAdventuremodern low specNo8
MachinariumAdventurelow specNo8
Mount and Blade: WarbandRPGlow specNo8
Need for Speed: Underground 2RacingtoasterNo7
Noitu Love 2 Devolutionlow specNo8
OsmosActionlow specNo8
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Timeadventurelow specNo9
Prince of Persia: Warrior WithinAdventuremodern low specNo8
Quake LiveFPStoasterYes8
Recettear: An Item Shop’s TaleRPGlow specNo8
Rogue LegacyActionmodern low specNo8
Roller Coaster Tycoon 2SimulationtoasterNo8
RunescapeMMORPGlow specyes8
SequenceRPGmodern low specNo7
SpacechemPuzzlemodern low specNo8
spelunkyAdventuremodern low specNo10
Star Wars Battlefront IIActionlow specNo8
Super Meat BoyActionlow specNo9
Titan QuestActionlow specNo7
HearthstoneSimulationmodern low specYes10
TorchlightRPGlow specNo9
Trackmania 2Racinglow specYes8
TrineActionmodern low specNo8
Unity of CommandStrategymodern low specNo9
Vampire: The Masquerade – BloodlinesActionlow specNo8
WizorbAdventuremodern low specNo8
World of GooPuzzlelow specNo9
Ys: OriginRPGlow specNo8
Zoo TycoonSimulationtoasterNo8
AudiosurfActionlow specNo8
Binding of IsaacActionlow specNo8
BotaniculaAdventurelow specNo8
Cave Story+ActionToasterNo8
Defense Grid: The AwakeningStrategylow specNo8
Hotline MiamiActionlow specNo8
Jet Set RadioActionmodern low specNo8
LimboAdventurelow specNo8
TerrariaAdventurelow specNo8