An artistic masterpiece.

A point and click adventure game, where you help a young robot living in a steam-punk dystopian wasteland, who is trying to save an enslaved princess robot. The rustic graphics art, phenomenal characters and a compelling story make this a must have for fans of this genre, and even the non-believeres (like myself). If you are ever stuck on a puzzle, you can always ask help from a hint-book, which is great for people who have always tended away from the point-and-clickers.

How does it run?

Even though there isn’t that much high speed movement going in the game, it still requires 1 GB of RAM, which can be pretty steep for some players and causes it to lose the Toaster award. If you want to check out if you can run it, you can click here.

System requirements
OS: Windows XPRAM: 1 GB
CPU: 1.8 GhzGraphics Card: not specified

red button trailerred button gameplayred button download

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