peggle GP

Shooting balls never gets old

How to make a best-selling game? Just aim a ball, shoot it at some pegs, put some luck elements in there and some combo wombos, and you’re done! Peggle is an awesome casual game that’s as addictive as putting baby powder on your b*lls. Maybe you didn’t get that one, but you know what I’m saying. It creates this urge inside you that makes you want to see where your ball will end up now, and just how many pegs can you take down with you? Great replayability, challenges, missions, level design and a replay feature (for extra bragging rights) makes this one a must have.

Untitled-3How does it run?

In one word, smooth. So smooth that it’s even in range of our widely known “Toaster of Approval”-stamp, and that’s pretty extraordinary for a game from 2007. If you feel like shooting some pegs and killing some time, try out Peggle, there’s a free demo available here, you won’t regret it.

System requirements
OS: Windows 98RAM: 256 MB
CPU: Pentium II 700MHzGraphics Card: 16-Bit Color Video Card

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