Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy is an action game with some platforming and roguelike elements. You start off by picking one of three characters, all with different spells and traits. Your main objective is to explore a randomized dungeon and defeat the final boss. If you die trying, it’s over (permadeath, gotta love it, right?), and you start over from the beginning with another character. So where is the progress you might ask? Well, you retain the gold you collected, and this can be used for permanent (!) upgrades, abilities and equipement. This game is rock hard, but perfect controls make the difficulty feel fair.

How does it run?

On my intel HD 4000 this runs at a solid 60 fps, without a hiccup. The popular pixelated graphics style adds a great feel for the game, while also being very friendly to your low-end PC. Still, this game requires 1 GB of RAM, which some of you might not have, causing it to miss out on the precious “Toaster of approval” stamp.. If you’re wondering whether it will run on your machine, check it out here.

System requirements
OS: Windows XPRAM: 32 MB
CPU: Pentium IIIGraphics Card: GeForce 6100 or Radeon 7000 64mb

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