Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

Ever wanted to have your own amusement park?

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 allows you to build your own rides, souvenir shops, food & drink stalls, basically an entire park. You can either start from scratch, or do a mission and improve an already existing one and reach a certain goal (like attracting a 1000 customers by the end of the year).

It’s a very satisfying feeling to watch people chill in your park, admire the scenery, and enjoy the rides. It’s an even more satisfying feeling to find an angry customer who just puked all over the street, and drown him. People sitting on my “ultra looping deluxe version 2.0″ seemed to be really keen on returning that $3 hot-dog they just bought from me. But seriously, RCT 2 is a great simulator, giving you many options to manage your park (customer satisfaction stats, marketing, innovation,..), and if you go bust, you only have yourself to blame. It’s one of my favorite games growing up, and it’s a deep enough experience that I can still enjoy it today.


How does it run?

RCT 2’s graphics do what they are meant to do, they are colorful and cute and match the gameplay perfectly. Guests do look a bit pixelated, but don’t let that ruin your experience, it hasn’t bothered me anyway. The lower resolution graphics show in the required pc specs. Only asking a whopping 32 MB RAM (irony much?), this game deserves a big “Toaster of Approval”-stamp!

System requirements
OS: Windows XPRAM: 32 MB
CPU: Pentium IIIGraphics Card: GeForce 6100 or Radeon 7000 64mb

 red button gameplayred button download

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