Top 10 Low Spec Games of 2013: NUMBER 1

1. Hearthstone


Hearthstone wins the title of “Best Low Spec Game of 2013″, hands down. Although it’s technically still in closed beta, over a million players have already been given a key (including myself thank sweet baby Jezus). When a small team at Blizzard made this little game, they sure as hell knew what they were doing. Keeping the classes of World of Warcraft, each with its own hero ability, gives the game a number of playstyles and a great deal of variety. In my opinion, they got the “luck-skill” balance just right, with elite players winning around 80% of their games. And did I mention it’s a free to play game? Only if you want to get a lot of cards fast, you can pay some money for it, but I have put in 200+ hours in this game, and haven’t felt the need to do so, because of the “Arena” feature. This game mode allows you to draft a new deck with random cards given to you, and try to win 12 times before you lose 3. The higher you get, the better your reward (coming in the form of gold, cards and dust – which creates cards).

Every part of the game has been so well thought out, and just like every Blizzard game, it’s so easy to pick up and play. Easy to learn, but difficult to master suits this one perfectly, mix this up with the chance-elements of card games, and you have got yourself the most addictive and just plain BEST low spec game of 2013.

Watch out though, as you might not be able to run it. It’s pretty heavy on the RAM side of things (requiring 2 gigs), but it’s video card and processor friendly. I do feel like it belongs on this list, because some FPS drops aren’t that bad, since it’s a card game and requires no twitch motions, shooting moving objects, jumping to a platform, and so on. If you’re not sure if you can run it, the game is free, so I’d suggest you try it out anyway!

Apply here for closed beta, and if you’re reading this article a bit late, it should already be out! So pull up a chair and enjoy the game..