A cheap knock-off of Diablo 2? No it’s not.

The debut game of Runic Games couldn’t have been received any better than it has. This action RPG dungeon crawler won the “Best Debut Game Award”, and deserved every bit of it. You play as a lone hero, choosing from 3 different classes, and you fight your way through randomized dungeons with your trusty pet alongside you. Along your journey, you will fight hordes of enemies, collect their loot, and scavenge anything else you find along the way (and if your bags are ever full, just send your dog/cat to sell your stuff at a town, GENIUS). The game got on average an 8.5/10 from major reviewers, and was a big success. Replayability is also assured with new levels every playthrough, and 3 classes to experiment with.


How does it run? 

The specific specs can be found down below, but Runic Games has done a great job in optimizing this game. Always multiple mobs on screen, great looking graphics, impressive spell effects, and it ran without a hiccup on my 8 year old laptop. You can always check out down below if your pc can handle the game, if you’re not sure. The 512 RAM could be a tough requirement for some, making it lose out on the Toaster award, but unless you’re really unlucky, you should have no problem with this one!

System requirements
OS: Windows XPRAM: 512 MB
CPU: 800 MHz processorGraphics Card: ATI Radeon 7200, NVIDIA GeForce 2

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